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PAIZA PAY Privacy Policy

We Paiza pay, are registered at REDENBERG INFO MEDIA, 249/13, Parson Road, Ondipudur, Coimbatore-641 016 and are headquartered at REDENBERG INFO MEDIA, 249/13, Parson Road, Ondipudur, Coimbatore-641 016. We value your trust and respect your privacy. Our privacy policy fetches you with all the details as to the pattern using which your data is being collected, sorted and lastly used by our website. You are suggested to go through the privacy policy meticulously. By visiting our website and application, you give us our express consent as to the use and disclosure of your personal details in tandem with the privacy policy. If you don’t admit the terms mentioned in our policy, please do not make the access of our website or mobile applications. Note: Our privacy policy might alter at any point of time without a beforehand notification. In order to make sure that you are acquainted with any alterations, you are required to review our policy on equal intervals. Our privacy policy should apply uniformly to our website, mobile WAP as well as mobile application.


We do not sell, rent or share the personal information provided by you to any third party or make the use of your mobile number/email address for all the unsolicited email or SMS. Any kind of emails or text messages sent by Paiza pay shall not be connected with the provision of agreed upon products and services and the existing privacy policy. We may also disclose general statistical details as to Paiza pay as well as its users on equal intervals. This includes the number and the kind of goods and services, number of visitors, etc. We have the right to communicate the personal data provided by you to any 3rd party which makes a legally-compliant request as to the concerned disclosure.

Personal Information

Personal information includes all kinds of information which is attached to a particular individual or a piece of information to recognize any individual like name, address, email address, contact number, information about your mobile phone, data card, DTH service and various other details provided by the user in relation with fetching the services on Paiza pay. Upon browsing through Paiza pay, we may accumulate all the information in regard to the domain as well as host from which the internet is accessible, Internet Protocol (IP) address of the system as well as Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are accessing or any anonymous site statistical data.

Use of Personal Information

We make the use of your personal information in order to fetch you all the products and services that you explicitly request and also to resolve disputes, to help in the promotion of safe services, for all the troubleshoot concerns, collection of money, to measure the interest of consumers as to our services, to keep you informed about the offers, products, services, updates, to customize your experience, to detect and save you against fraud, error or any criminal activity. We also make the use of the personal information provided by you to enforce all the terms and conditions. Besides, we make the use of the contact information provided by you to send you all the offers which are based on your previous interests and orders. We may occasionally want you to complete all the optional online surveys provided by us which may further ask you for all your contact and demographic information. We make the use of this data in order to customize your experience at Paiza pay.


A cookie refers to a small piece of information which is stored using a web server on the browser so that it would be later revised from the same browser. We make the use of the cookie as well as tracking technology that depends on the features so offered. We do not collect any personal information through cookies as well as other tracking technology. But, if you have previously provided your personal identifiable information, the cookies might be linked to such piece of information. We may share aggregate cookie as well as tracking information with the third parties.

Links to Other Sites

Our site links to all the other websites which may accumulate personal information identifiable about you. We are not liable for the privacy practices or for the content of those particularly linked websites.


Our security measures are stringent in order to save the misuse, loss as well as the information that remains under our supervision. Upon altering or accessing the information of your account, we provide the use of a safe server to you. Once the information comes in our authority, we stick to the security guidelines, thereby protecting it against all kinds of unauthorized access.


By using Paiza pay and giving the details as to your information, you assent to the accumulation as well as use of the information that you reveal on Paiza pay in tandem with the privacy policy that includes but is not restricted to your assent as to sharing your information as per this policy of privacy.

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