/ Cancellation and Return Policy

Cancellation and Return Policy

Following are the Paiza pay policies regarding cancellation and return:


Refund related requests regarding the cancellation of any journey must be raised within a period of 15 days before the exact date of the journey. No refund shall be made from the end of Paiza pay if the customers do not comply with this rule.


Cancellation of tickets can be done either by logging on the company account (online)

  1. Please note: Cancellation charges levied by bus operator will be applicable at the time of cancellation. Paiza pay does not levy any cancellation charges on its own.
  2. Cancellation charges are available on your ticket sent on your email ID.
  3. Partial cancellation of bus ticket is not available.
  4. Reschedule of bus ticket is not available.
  5. Refunds on ticket cancelled will be directly transferred to the respective account from which payment was made at the time of booking.


  1. The cancellation policies of the hotels are dynamic and may change from time to time. The cancellation policy of the hotel may change in the interim period of booking and date of stay of the guest. The cancellation policy prevailing at the time of check-in/ cancellation of the booking by the customer will be the applicable policy.
  2. Hotels being booked may have their own cancellation policy and may charge user accordingly.
  3. In the event of cancellation, the money shall be debited from your credit card directly by the hotel as per cancellation policy of the hotel.
  4. On cancellation of bookings done using promotional codes, the hotel cancellation charges are calculated on total price before discount. For such bookings, an additional paiza pay cancellation charge of 12% or Rs.500, whichever is minimum will be deducted from the refund amount after applying the hotel cancellation policy.
  5. Cancellations can be done online.
  6. Only those cancellation requests which are made either online or on the phone to our customer support team shall be entertained. The company shall not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made directly to the hotel without intimating the company and also through any other medium including, but not limited to, SMS or email.
  7. If you don't show up at the hotel, you'll still be charged the entire amount and hotel will debit the amount from your card directly.

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